Which skis should you choose ? 
We have 3 kinds of skis on offer…


Blue Skis - Skiing it easy
I have already skied at least for a week before.
I can ski on easy ski runs (green and blue ones), and I can try a red one now and then.
I am currently discovering how to side-slip.
I can snowplough down a run and turn at the same time.
Blue skis are supple and easy to use to turn, but they can become unsteady on the ice or when you gather speed.

Red Skis - Progressive skiing
I can keep turning and I can side-slip, I can almost ski in parallel.
I can ski on green, blue and red ski runs, and I can try a black one now and then.
Red skis are stiffer than blue skis and help you to progress quicker.

Black skis - High-performance skiing

I can keep turning, in parallel (short turns and medium turns).
I can keep my balance when I schuss down ski runs full of bumps and holes.
I can ski on all kinds of ski runs (green, blue, red and black).
Black skis are even stiffer but much more steady. You can ski down all kinds of ski runs with these.


How do you know if a child needs a baby ski, a junior ski or an adult ski ?

Children smaller than 1m (approx. 3 feet) will ski on baby skis.
Between 1m and 1.60m (approx. 5 feet), a child can ski on junior skis 
(this also depends on the child’s weight).
A child taller than 1.60m will ski on adult skis.